Inspiring People

Our goal is to inspire others. On our journey thus far, we’ve inspired our team, our partners, our friends & family, and ourselves. So much so that, instead of sharing our management team in a traditional way, we’ve decided to share the people that inspire us every single day. We hope that sharing their personal stories will inspire you too.

We Inspire Greatness

Dear Reader,

Hello. I’m thrilled to introduce myself to you, but I’m even more excited to learn about you. My name is Parker and I’m the Founder and CEO of IdentifyU. I could use this time to talk about the genesis of IdentifyU, but instead, I want to invite you to really get to know me, just as I want to get to know each of you.

Let’s start with the basics. I live in Texas and am both a husband and a father. Both jobs are precious to me. My family inspires me every day. In fact, this is a great time to take a moment to thank them for all their support and encouragement with this project. I have siblings and a close-knit family that I am also thankful for. Our IdentifyU community not only supports our mission, but also personally embraces it.

I’ve worked in some of the most well-known technology and travel companies, but IdentifyU is certainly, without a doubt, the company that is nearest and dearest to my heart. Our incredible team has created a platform that offers self-care in a variety of areas – literally for the mind, body, and the spirit.

Someone once wrote that “the mind is so powerful. What we believe is what we manifest in our lives. To believe that you are valuable & worthy & strong & loved & joyful & brave & unique & powerful beyond measure is to be that.” I took that to heart at my best — and at my worst. In fact, it became my superpower. My armor…or as some would say my mental power suit.

IdentifyU was born out of a very honest desire to help others embrace their mental power suits. It’s a journey we’re on together – with more support than you can imagine. Our community is engaging and growing, and our coaches are, literally, the expert’s experts. I’m so proud of what we’ve built, but more importantly, I’m proud of you, our members (and soon-to-be members). I know how much courage it takes to work on yourself, and to embrace self-care for the mind. I understand the fears of letting balls that are typically in the air fly a little longer so you can work on yourself. And I know just how important this journey is for each one of us.

I invite you to connect with me personally and share your superpowers. I want to hear about them, read them, and learn more about you and your personal journeys. I personally want to be part of your support system and I want to get to know you. And while that may seem like a big task, I promise I’m up for it. I’m excited by it and together, we can become “powerful beyond measure” in our own way.

Here’s to our shared journey – and to sharing our superpowers. This is my truth.

Parker Terlaak

Founder and CEO

Thank you ,Parker, for your words.

They are so inspiring! And, since you asked, my superpower is being a mom. And, while I’m passionate about my work, love my community that I live in, and try to keep it all together, the truth is that being a mom is really my superpower. It grounds me, makes me excited and helps me be extra creative.

Let me share a few things with you about why it’s so important to me. First, being a great mom sets an example for our children for the future. In other words, putting in the effort means demonstrating how to make the world a better place – one person at a time. It also shows them what’s important and becomes grounding for me.

Here’s a great example of one of my “mom creations” that I recently dreamed up that came to fruition. There are three communities that each have a reasonable number of Middle Schoolers, and none truly have enough on their own. So, I put together a program that turned them into one cohesive community with events, programs, and exciting trips to keep the kids entertained and off their cell phones. It’s a win/win for everyone – from the students to the parents and each of the communities.

When I see something that I can impact with my creativity, I go for it. And that’s why I love IdentifyU. Regardless of where you are in your lifelong journey, there’s a coach to help you figure out the creative – and productive way to enhance it. It isn’t simply groundbreaking – it’s grounding. And as a mom, mentor, professional, wife, and an individual myself, it never hurts to find a “life hack” that works. And by the way, this is so much better than the onion cutting hack I found on Tick Tok (and yes, it works) that keeps you from crying when cutting onions. That was good but this journey is, as my preteen would say, is “epic”.

I wish you the very best on your journey – whether that’s career-oriented, family-oriented, or self-oriented. And, like Parker, I would love to hear more about your creativity, your journey and the way you use self-care to find your epic moment!

Epically Yours,

Brooke Greenwald

Chief Marketing Officer

 Hi Everyone! I’m Jen Salk

A mom of two college kids, wife of 22 years to my incredibly supportive husband Russ, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, Mental Health Advocate, parent of a child with a chronic illness and a friend.

I grew up in Highland Park, Illinois. I went to Undergrad at University of Wisconsin and then moved to NYC and received my Masters Degree from NYU. I went on to teach fourth grade on the Upper West Side before starting a family and moving to South Florida.

We have a 14 year old Shihtzu Charlie who I adore. I love to travel, read, go for walks, spend time with friends and family, bake, shop for anything health/beauty/fashion related. I also love dessert: cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, cake, candy•• you name it!

My superpower is being a connector. I love helping people connect with brands, products, businesses, professionals, likeminded individuals and vice versa that I use and care for deeply. I pride myself on the relationships I have built over the years, many with people I have never ever met to face to face. One thing I always am is authentic and genuine. I have found that my willingness to share my personal story combined with my openness and vulnerability, people then trust me and look to me to help connect them to resources.

I am so excited to get know everyone.

Jen Salk

Premier Partner