Your Inspiration: Our Technology

We designed our technology to work for you, when you need it, and how you need it.  From our proprietary assessment to your direct connection, we’ve created a system that makes putting yourself first easier.  We know life is busy.  We’re here when you need us most.  You are our first priority.

IdentifyU’s technology is proprietary.  We’ve spent a significant amount of time – and money – creating a system that works.  It’s a true enabler of change.  Some would call it a unicorn.  It’s a system that connects people where and when they need it most.    IdentifyU’s community thrives on open communication, self-care for the mind, and the ability to share a growth mindset.  Our portal is user-friendly, shareable, and private.  Our focus is on helping you become the person you always dreamed of being.

We Love To Connnect

Even though our coaches are at the top of their game, what they do best is listen. They hear what you want to change and how you want to grow. They use our technology to connect. We also love reconnecting. Our system was created so you can log on any time you want, send a message, review what you discussed with your coach, plan for your next session, or simply see how other coaches can weigh in on other subjects. Did a conversation trigger a question or concern in another area? Sign on with your proprietary login. Chat with your coach, or simply see what else IdentifyU has to offer for you. If there’s something on your mind, we have someone to coach you through it.

We’ve tested our technology. We’ve used it ourselves. We know it works. Now it’s your turn. Go ahead. Give us a try. We guarantee you’ll be happy you took this step. And more importantly, we’re happy you’re joining our movement. We can’t wait to learn from you.

Flexibility That Helps You Grow

Flexibility is our best friend, and we know it’s yours. That’s why we’ve turned the industry on upside down and created a contract-free membership that lets you start when you want and stop when you need to. Our weekly price is less than a nice dinner out for two. We’ve priced it that way on purpose – to help you jumpstart your journey. For $120 USD per week, you get one in-person video call for 60 minutes and the ability to message your coach as little – or as much as you need to. It’s the ultimate way to let your best self shine.



Mitchelle S.

I do not even know where to begin. Working with identifyU has been life changing. I have spent years trying to find someone that could help me with my anxiety and depression. .Because of these things I have not always made the best choices when it comes to making life decisions.  Making choices for your family and yourself is not so good when it is fear based.

I have tried therapy in the past and it was it was all talk and no action.  I was never given any tools to see myself and my life differently.  I would get frustrated and quit. I just wanted to find peace within myself and joy in life. I needed help finding out what matters to me and a purpose for myself.  It was also really nice to not have to leave the comfort of my house. 

Tim S.

Here’s the deal, I have tried other ways of getting support or guidance.  It was all a bunch of blah.. blah .. blahh

I heard that these guys were about results from one of my buddies, no more just sitting and talking in circles week after week wondering if I am getting any better.

So anyways, I came here and my buddy was right.  I did not really mesh well with my first pick, so I went back in after my video call and picked my second choice… Leslie.

It was an instant fit.  I could tell she understood why I was there which was to figure out what was going on, fix it, and move on with some new tools to use going forward. It’s about getting results, it’s about reaching my own destination.

There is a lot that I liked and thought was unique, but I really like that Leslie keeps me accountable through the week.  She is kind like my personal life advisor… helping guide me through the things that we talked about putting in action over the week.  Maybe the biggest shift in my thinking was about it being about the destination … not the journey. 

Not really sure why this never existed before…

Lindsey H.

GAME CHANGER!!!  I can not overstate how my life and mind have been transformed since discovering identifyU!  I was in a place in my life where I felt stuck, lost and unfulfilled, like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Traditional talk therapy just wasn’t working for me and I often felt drained and hopeless after rehashing my problems with a therapist for an hour.

I knew I needed to try something different and I am so grateful that I found identifyU

It was so nice to be able to watch videos of the possible advisors I could work with.  I was sick of having to ask my friends and fam to possible support options.  This time I just sat down and went through a short assessment to see what my specific needs where and BAM, I had a couple people to pick from that fit my criteria.  

After several sessions with my amazing coach Kim, I was able to identify the root causes of my dissatisfaction and learned to transform my thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. I am using the tools and techniques that I have been introduced to and am experiencing breakthroughs and growth like never before in my life! I am filled with hope and excitement about my future and I am finally creating the life that I have dreamed of. I would give them TEN stars if I could!

Sam R.

IdentifyU helped save helped me save our business.  The process was so simple it made me wonder why this has not existed before.

It took minutes to see my pairing options and to watch their profile video’s to see who fit best. I worked with Cindy.  She helped me save my business tbh.  My biz partner and I were having conflict and Cindy helped me see things from his side, and work through some of my barriers.

Sometimes, you need an utterly unbiased person to be a sounding block and advisor. Cindy helped me sift through the clutter and feelings surrounding several issues with my business partner.

She clarified what my partner might be feeling and how I should approach a sensitive and delicate conversation.   A few hours and a little bit of money potentially saved me millions of dollars, and she taught me skills that I can continue to use over and over.

Katy F.

I was sick of trying to find someone who could actually help me.  I have tried getting guidance a couple times over the past couple years and they have been disappointing.

My girlfriend told me to try this site… she thought it was what Iwas looking for. I am looking for direction, and answers in my life.  I felt like am just floating around kinda existing in the world with no purpose.

A couple weeks later I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix, bored out of my mind and I opened up identifyU.  I took the assessment, watched the advisors videos that I had been paired with and scheduled a convo.   I think the whole thing took less than 10 minutes

Anyways… this has changed my life.  I don’t want to be over the top, but I will say that it seems like the world has more color.  I feel excited to get up, I feel like I know what I’m working toward now, and my relationships are actually healing.

Jessica is my advisor, and she really know how to make me feel like I have power and control over my life.  What I like most is that she keeps up with me during the week.  All the other experiences I had in the past would be one convo a week.   Here, Jessica text me to make sure things are going okay during the week after sessions.  She is kind of like having a best friend watching my back.

I am so happy that my friend told me to come here.   Although, I really had nothing to lose lol